Richest bloggers in Nigeria✅ -

Richest bloggers in Nigeria✅

By thebloggersplace 2 Comments March 14, 2019

1. Linda Ikeji Net Worth #3.2 billion

Linda Ikeji can be said to be the richest blogger in Nigeria.
her blog(

2. Jide Ogunsanya Net Worth $3 million

Jide Ogunsanya is also a rich popular Nigerian Tech blogger who gives tutorials on his blog. He started the blog in 2008 to enlighten many on how to carry out some simple tech stuffs either online or offline with their system or phones. On Nairaland webmasters section, he is known as JidetheBlogger.

his blog ( won the best science and tech blog in 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards and in 2012, he also won the best tutorial blog. He currently has some undisclosed blogs and online businesses he’s working on. Jide Ogunsanya’s blog is worth $3 million

3. Uche Eze Pedro $4 million

Another wealthy female blogger is Uche Pedro who is the founder and managing director of BainStone Limited and BellaNaija
her blog(
BellaNaija can be said to be a pioneer online media company in Nigeria. Uche started Bellanaija as a way of getting herself occupied so she could run away from boredom.
Now, BellaNaija is another entertainment blog in Nigeria, reeling out entertainment stories and latest gist. She makes a lot of money from blogging. She started her blog in 2006, the same year Linda Ikeji started hers. In fact, it has been said that Linda took inspiration from her to start hers.

4. Noble Igwe Net Worth $2 million

Noble Igwe is the owner and founder of 360Nobs Limited, a company he started in 2009. is an entertainment, and lifestyle website.
Today, Igwe is one of the richest bloggers in Nigeria who has many subsidiaries. One of such as 360nobs is 360Delivery, a courier service company. In his words; “where others see “showbiz,” I see “showBIZ”.
Noble Igwe’s blog is worth an estimated $4 million.

5. Japheth Omojuwa Net Worth $1.5 million

Whenever I hear the name Omojuwa, one thing comes to mind; his confrontation with OBJ. He was told by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo that blogging is a career that he should go get one Well, Omojuwa is one of the top 10 bloggers in Nigeria today.

He is a social media activist and a political commentator. Using his blog ( he had been able to establish himself through his valuable socioeconomic and political expression. He is currently a lecturer at Berlin’s free university.
Japheth Omojuwa’s blog is worth $1.5 million as of writing this post.

6. Ovie

Talk of the richest music blogger in the country and those blogging about it in Nigeria and I will point to one person that has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music download realm. That one person is Ovie, the founder of (
The tag of this brand could be heard almost anywhere Nigerian music is played, even on radio stations. Indeed, Ovie is the number one music blogger in Nigeria at the moment and his website is worth $7 million

7. Makinde Azeez Net Worth $5 million

Makinde Azeez might need an introduction but his product need no introduction because of the way it went viral sometimes back. He is the founder of Naijaloaded his blog ( which is worth $7.5 million.
Naijaloaded actually started in 2009 as a forum but due to hacking issues, it was converted into a blog and I can say that one decision brought a breakthrough to Azeez. Naijaloaded currently boast of over 500,000 users, making its owner one of the richest blogger in the country.

8 Chude Jideonwo Net Worth $1 million

Chude is a lawyer and the co-founder of YNaija (, an internet newspaper for young Nigerians which was founded in 2010. He is also the founder of RedSTRAT. He is indeed a top influential Nigeria blogger. His blog is mostly on cultural matters as most of his ever green content highlights the tenets of the Nigerian people.
YNaija has also helped display job vacancies and has helped Nigerians looking for job openings get meaningful employment. You can also see that the website is user-friendly, easy to navigate with categories on news, politics, opinion, enterprise, TV, teen, etc arranged for his audience.

9. Loy Okieze Net Worth $3 million

Loy is a tech blogger and the founder of Techloy his blog ( . His blog has become one of the top sources of information on the happenings in the country’s ICT world. Today, Loy okezie is rated as one of the highest paid bloggers in the country.
Although he studied Business Administration, Loy Okezie has proven that you can succeed in niche that is competitive especially in the technology world. His website, which he began in 2008 has been ranked as one of the best tech-related blog in Nigeria.

10. Onibalusi Bamidele Net Worth $3.5 million

Bamidele is a young freelance writer turned blogger in Nigeria. He made fortune from freelancing as a writer and from then, he ventured into blogging. He started his blog ( in 2010 before he re-branded into in 2013.
He has had his work featured on Forbes magazine, Millionaire Magazine, Digital Journal, etc. he is a widely respected writer and mentor to writers home and abroad.

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