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A blog is a good marketing tool for any business, it also offers people the opportunity to express themselves about what they love or passionate about as well as make a reasonable living from their blogs.

New bloggers think it’s about publishing a few posts on their blog and seating back without out any form of promotion and think that money will start rolling in. No way. The moment you start treating your blog as a BUSINESS that’s when money starts rolling in.

To make good money from your blog, you need to WORK HARD and SMART.

You cant start a blog today and start making money immediately. Blogging takes time to build, maintain and promote. This is why it is important to know how to blog. You need to know what you are doing.

What is a BLOG

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style

*Blog is very similar to a website. I would say that blog is a diary/journal that is (mostly) maintained by one person – blogger .

Usually, blogs are being updated quite often (once a day, once a week, once a month). Blogs can be private, but most of them are available on the internet for others to see.
Blogs have certain topics. My blog’s topic is “blogging” and “how to start one” – I’m helping beginners to start a blog, get more visitors and much more… BUT, it can also have several other topics. Bloggers are usually passionate about a specific topic thus they’ll create one.

Blogs (and blog posts) can be shared on social networks (Twitter, FaceBook, Google+) and people can leave comments under the blog posts in order to start meaningful conversations.
Blogs can have a LOT of visitors. When your blog has enough posts and it starts to become popular, you’ll start receiving traffic from other sites, social networks and even from search engines.

Definitions that are tied with a blog

Blog – an online journal/diary that is available on the Internet.

Blogger– an individual who is the blog owner. Person who keeps the blog alive (posting new posts, sharing latest news, information, case-studies, opinions etc…)

Blog Post– An article or writing that is inside the blog. For example, the article you are currently reading is a “blog post” that is wrote for my blog.

Blog– to start a blog, to keep a blog, to find a blog – I’m going to find a blog about health and fitness.

Blogging– the action of maintaining/writing a blog – While blogging, I’m able to share information that I feel is important, helpful or interesting for others.

Its important you know Terms related to blogging

Why people Blog?

People blog because they want :

A) To express themselves

B) To delivery valuable information and news to other people on the internet

C) To make money (Yes, some people are making a lot of money with blogging)

D) Self-promotion

E) To connect with like-minded people

F) To gain knowledge

G) To find a better job

H) To improve writing skills

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